Just watched Lady Gaga “Inside the Outside”

and the last twenty minutes really struck a chord with me, especially when she started talking about New York. And I could see her New York. How much New York meant to her. She painted such a beautiful picture that I became mesmerized by the images she created. And I wrote it all down (after I rewind it).

Gaga’s New York:

Me and my best friend have two bikes. Karen and Henry, from Goodfellas. And we would just ride around and ride to the bridge, ride down the old streets, all the neon signs popping out of the sky. All the darkness lifting into florescent colors. All the dirt turning into gold dust and rainbows. The way I see New York City, it’s so other worldly. It’s this neon Roy Lichtenstein look at life. It’s just this completely magical and beautiful, joyful place. That represents, for me, feeling the exact same way now that I did back when I had no record deal and back when I had no voice in the world other than my very sweet and small one that was shouting on Stan St. And it’s so important for me because in a very strange way when you travel as much as I do and you see so much, the world gets smaller. You’re on a plane and you get off and you’re in fifty different countries and it all starts to turn into something very linear and it’s really not, the world is wide and huge and endless. When I ride Henry, Henry reminds me how big the world is because it takes so long to ride twenty blocks in that city. That’s a whole mile! And it feels very different for me in the back seat of a car or being on an aeroplane or being on a stage where, you know, the stage is this one city block. When I ride around and I look at the stars and I look up into the sky, you know it sounds crazy but sometimes I don’t do that anymore, you know, I’m so busy working and trying to become better for my fans, but sometimes what will be better for them is when I look up into the sky and say “Well, that’s the brightest star.” Sometimes you just got to look. I ride around and my security get so mad at me, they’re like “Where have you been?” And I just say I went on a bike ride it’s no big deal. What’s the worst that can happen? Someone says are you Gaga? Yeah. [waves]

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